photo by Julie Borgese
for the
École lacanienne de psychanalyse
The goal of this project was to redesign and rebuild the website of an association of psychoanalyst. The architecture and the graphic design of the website were completely revisited. Only the former logo survived, despite many attempt of the designer to convince the client to change it. One of the goal of the project was to offer as well a CMS to the client, we choose to use wordpress.
I arrived on this project after the early design phase. My focus was on the front-end development and on the back-end development for everything that was related to the agenda and the activities.
The team
  • Project manager - Cindy Renard
  • UX design - Jocile Devaux
  • Visual design - Mélissa Vincent, Laurent Lucchini,
    Julie Borgese
  • Interaction design and development - Cécile El Murr, me
My tasks
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
This page highlights the upcoming events happening and the latest publications. The menu is always accessible on the screen, it is a hub to access all the content of the website.
Activity page
This page shoes all the upcoming activities by default. You can filter them and display also the passed activities.
Each activities has recurrent dates. An algorithm orders them so that you can see either the closest upcoming dates or the latest dates if the event doesn’t happen anymore. All this page content is generated thanks to ajax queries which enables a quick refresh when the filters are used.
Agenda page
The agenda uses the same data than the activity page. It displays it in a different way next to a clickable calendar from which you can choose the month or the day you want to focus on.
Here as well the date is quickly refreshed thanks to ajax queries.