I’m a 27 year-old Design Technologist.
I’m passionate about design and software engineering.
I love navigating the grey area between imagination and rationalisation.
About me

My work is extensively multidisciplinary, I design with words, drawings, graphics and with code. Given my past experiences and despite all the theories that are explained, design is a messy process to me and that's why I love it, especially because there is so much to explore and invent.

I want to continue to broaden my designer and engineer skills, collaborate with great thinkers and doers and deliver projects expanding bit by bit the frontier of design.

The following articles are browsing more thoroughly what I have been doing over the past years :

New paths along design at Fjord Paris
Data and design at Air Liquide

I like to learn all the time and do new things. Here is a list that might give an idea of where I'm going :

Things I like to do

  • Fullstack development mainly with JS framework such as React and Node.js.
  • UI design with Illustrator or Sketch
  • Design and develop for data with D3.js and Raphael.js

Things I want to do more

  • User research
  • Transforming insights into ideas and concepts.
  • Service design methods
  • Help and facilitate workshops with clients to retrieve relevant data that will lead to insights.
  • Explore ideas visually with collaborators and clients.

Some other things I’ve done

  • Small arduino project
  • Small Swift app development project
  • Learned Scala and functional programming paradigm on Coursera.

Work —   Before summer 2016