New paths along design
at Fjord Paris
October 2016 - September 2017

Fjord Paris is a design consultancy firm that has been integrated within Accenture in 2013. Its core expertise lies in its user centric approach merging with traditional consultancy approach. I've had an experience as a design intern in Fjord Berlin in 2015 but I will speak about my experience as a Creative Technologist that I had later at Fjord Paris.

Working at Fjord Paris was very enriching and very challenging. I was the second person hired as a creative technologist, nobody had my role before in Paris. I was mentored by a Lead Creative Technologist and the other designers.

At Fjord, I've been given the chance to experiment, learn new frameworks, fail, test. My aim was to bring new tools for the designers and suggest new type of deliverables to the client. Here are some example of what I've been working on there as a developer and a designer :

  • Small blogs with a simple CMS documenting the design process
  • A little game to test customer behaviour towards a new energy offer.
  • Tablet application to test customer behaviours within a large retail store.
  • Web browser extension to harvest the potential of online recipes as a new purchasing channel.
  • A web platform to share projects and expertise for a large organisation.

The upside of working at Fjord is the diversity of project and problematics that are explored thanks to a quite large set of clients. The timeframe of these project was often quite short tough, we weren't capitalising much on what is being done.

Aside from my developper skills, I've been also involved to take part in the user research process. Doing field research, facilitating workshops with projects stakeholders and analysing data of these discovering and understanding phases.

My experience at Fjord Paris was just one year long, it was rather short. I was probably impatient and a bit immature I admit. Air Liquide made an offer to me for a role more embedded in design so I decided to move on. Here is the link to the story of what I've been doing there so far.